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Here you will find some important facts related to chatting, dating and making friends online. We also try to give you additional knowledge and understanding about the society, life, health, social media and more.

Tips to make a safe chat with a stranger

Safe chat with strangers

Strangers you meet in an online are not 100% trustworthy. Because you do not know who he or she is and what their expectations are. We also heard about various threats and crimes committed by a strangers identified by chat rooms.. Read More

Friendships after Marriage

Wedding Day

In one point of time in our lives, we have to balance both these scared bonds. What happens to the friends we made along the way once we get married? Yes, they’d be happy now that all our needs are personified and right beside us.. Read More

How Legit are the Friends you Meet Online?

Online Girl

More than 75% of teenagers believe that people are less authentic on social media than offline. With that stat comes the question “How legitimate are the people we meet online?” and it’s normal for you to start doubting.. Read More

All there is To Know about Online Friendships

Online Friendships

The more people you meet, the more you learn. In reality though, the number of people you do meet are quite limited. The people you actually interact with on a daily basis being much more limited. Read More

How to make more friends online

Make More Friends

Your dating profile is made, but you aren’t receiving much out of it. You spend hours viewing potential dates and keep sliding into their DM’s only to be left on seen. Actually worse, to be left on delivered while their status indicates active. Read More

Why you need friends around the world

Friends around the world

Having friends is great. Having friends from around the globe? Greater. Whether it’s a friend you met online or a close friend who ventured on a foreign land, we’ll always have a companion from another country. Read More