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Friendships after Marriage

Marriage: one of the most sought after life goals if you’d ask any individual. The hustle we go through in the early stages of life is to have a stable future for ourselves and those we’d dedicate our life to. Friendship on the other hand is a relationship that everybody desires to grow with.

In one point of time in our lives, we have to balance both these scared bonds. What happens to the friends we made along the way once we get married? Yes, they’d be happy now that all our needs are personified and right beside us. But will they be important to us as much as they used to? In my opinion, having a good friend never fades in importance from the moment you consider them one. But do we lose them with time after marriage? Is it important to make new friends there on? Stay put while we bring you the answers to the FAQs on friendships in the life after marriage.

Why do people seem to lose their friends after marriage?

Being overly committed to your loved one may make everything else around you seem like a blur, especially your friends. Overly protective and restrictive partners may lead you to the same consequence. Having a growing family at the other hand comes with more responsibilities and that too can affect the quality time you’d rather spend with your friends.

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What can be done to prevent the loss?

The best bet is to have an understanding and open minded partner, while striving to be one yourself. Being a married couple, trust the fact that you’ll have each other’s backs and friendships (even with the opposite gender!) isn’t going to change the special bond you’ll share. Strike a balance between your friendship’s and marriage’s priorities. Laying more towards either side of the fence would be problematic.

Why would a newly wedded couple be beneficial as friends?

Not all couples lose their spark over time, but those that do would have a greater benefit being friends with a newly married couple. The energy and positivity of the ‘amateur love birds’ inspire you and your significant other to do better and appreciate each other for sticking together so far. But more importantly it brings back those great memories where the two of you used to be star crossed lovers. How romantic.

Regardless of what stage of life you are going through, there’s always that shoulder you wish you could lean on to. To those married that shoulder would be that of your beloved husband or wife, no questions asked. But what if the problem you’ll faced was beyond the scope of both your knowledge and actions combined? That’s one of the many instances good friends would come in handy during marriage. Their advice, experiences, perspectives and opinions would be of great help. The more friends you have the better support you could give and get. The importance of making new friends and sustaining old friends is so great that words can’t explain it effectively enough.