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How Legit are the Friends you Meet Online?

More than 75% of teenagers believe that people are less authentic on social media than offline. With that stat comes the question “How legitimate are the people we meet online?” and it’s normal for you to start doubting. End of the day the online friends you meet can get more legit than the friends you meet in real life. There’s countless stories of how people who met each other online went onto spending the greatest times of their life together. Truth be told, making good friends isn’t easy as it is on Sims. Like anything else it takes time and effort. Less time, effort and money than what you’d spend on trying to make friends in real life though.

When online dating sites made an appearance the first impressions they gave were quite bad. Most people considered finding a date online taboo and a desperate act. Yet as the digital era proceeded and the norm switched from meeting people at the coffee shop to texting all day long; mindsets changed.

It’s important that one’s perspective on making friends online changes from being extremely negative: it’s not going to help you make any legitimate friends. The key to making legitimate friends both online and offline is understanding that finding and befriending legitimate people is an art, not an act.

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We’ve all experienced being backstabbed by friends we met in person that we thought were our closest friends. If friends IRL can get fake as such then what’s wrong about making friends online. The worse that could occur has the same consequence after all. Some online friendships are better than most real life friendships and vice versa. Some friendships are best kept offline while others online.

Be it physically or online, the sole factor that decides if the friends you make are legitimate, is the people you interact with and your need of finding and being a legitimate friend yourself.

The misconception of online friends being illegitimate is not because they are actually fake friends. It’s because most of the time online friends fail to meet up in person. A study shows that almost half of all teenagers have made an online friend but only 20% of them met each other in person. That doesn’t mean online friendships aren’t legitimate!

An online friendship might not lead to a meeting in real life but that doesn’t make it any less real. Good friendships can exist on various levels.

In conclusion is the answer to the golden question ‘How legit are the friends you meet online?’ That being; as legit as it can get. Now imagine a platform in which all its users are there to find real friends. That would guarantee you a true friend. With the benefits of having online friends (that we’ve talked about in another article) there is no doubt that you can start making great friends online with the ChatKK. There’s nothing holding you back from taking a chance at having great company.