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Tips to make a safe chat with a stranger

In today's world, many people have become accustomed to using online chat rooms to relieve their stress and tiredness. Online chat facilities allow you to make new friends and learn about different cultures.

Strangers you meet in an online chat room are not 100% trustworthy. Because you do not know who he or she is and what their expectations are. We also heard about various threats and crimes committed by a strangers identified by chat rooms.

So in this article we are going to talk about, how to use online chat rooms by protecting our security by ourselves.Safe chat with strangers

Don’t trust any strangers on online chat rooms

Don't rely on anyone you meet in an online chat room. They will talk many things with you on a friendly manner. But remember, you must make sure that you do not give them your personal information and contact information for those new persons who you don’t know privately.

Don’t share your contact details on public chat line

Never share your personal information such as, photos, email addresses, phone numbers and postal address on any public chat lines. Because, all of things that you share on a public chat line are displays for all on the chat line. Unknown persons who in the chat line seeing your personal information is a dangerous situation.

Don’t share your real photos with strangers

Never give your photos to a person we don't know. because there is a risk that the photos will be edited to with pornographic images and they could use those photos to blackmail you. Not only it, also create fake profiles on social media using your photos, using them to pretend to your friend and even To defraud money from them.

In short, avoid sharing any risk information with a stranger you meet on an online chat room. And protect your privacy.