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Seriously Guys. You Can Do Better.

Your dating profile is made, but you aren’t receiving much out of it. You spend hours viewing potential dates and keep sliding into their DM’s only to be left on seen. Actually worse, to be left on delivered while their status indicates active. You choke on the fact that women tend to benefit from online dating more than men do. Hold up. Here’s things you can work on.

The incomplete profile:

What do dating profiles and CV’s have in common? They are both meant to sell yourself to some place you deserve. Now if you half-assed your profile with just your name and empty fields don’t expect the perfect opportunity to come knocking at the door.

Make More Friends

Intentions not so straight:

We can all agree on the fact that a man beating around the bush is unattractive. So do everyone a favor of saving their time and get your intentions straight. You could start by changing your bio into your actual goals in life rather than have those cringe-worthy and sexual puns.

The first interaction:

Make a bad first impression and it’s definitely the last time they’ll be seeing you. Quit the basic ‘Hey! What’s up?’ or any other alternatives. Guys have been so basic with regard to their opening texts that it takes, on average, 114 different women to text to have one guaranteed reply.

Not Being You:

Trying to impress everyone by being someone that you aren’t is an act of insecurity. It’s an equivalent to fake profiling. It only makes your path in finding a good relationship a struggle, and so to those who try to associate you.

Spending your time:

Studies show men spend 6.7 hours texting and 5.2 hours browsing profiles (that’s around 12 hours) every week! When it comes to managing your time, always keep the time spent online to a minimal. Prioritize working on yourself and your values.

Taking too long:

They say all good things take time but that’s not the case once you’ve made a strong connection. Most people make really great friends over time online, but fail to meet each other in reality. The connection fades the longer a meet-up isn’t arranged and one would ghost the other. Being Casper the friendly ghost isn’t the way to go.

Forgetting the real deal:

An astounding 1/3rd of men who sign up on dating sites never go on dates. You are on a social platform to make real connections. Is the plan to keep things virtual, stalk and nag about dating sites being ineffective?

Working on the following areas will, without a doubt, help you have a better online experience.

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