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Why you’ll be Needing Friends from Around the World

Having friends is great. Having friends from around the globe? Greater. Whether it’s a friend you met online or a close friend who ventured on a foreign land, we’ll always have a companion from another country. But does the distance act as a barrier for an amazing and self-beneficial friendship? Although their absence might seem like a ‘friendship for no reason’, here’s the killer benefits of having buddies beyond borders:

Increased Knowledge

Text book reading and Googling information is okay. But receiving info from a friend who witnessed what you were searching for first hand is more interesting. The chitter-chatter will help you gain knowledge on issues racial, political or sociological and other marvels that make their country unique.

The Cultural Exchange

In a planet with a fusion of cultures there is nothing sadder than being able to experience just one culture only, all lifelong. To learn the lifestyle of another through a friend, enlightens you on their culture, while making you appreciate your own.

Friends around the world

Learning a new language

The most fun and progressive way of learning a language, undeniably, is trying it out with a friend who speaks it better. In a multi-linguistic society the value of knowing different languages needs no explanation. Having a friend to teach it to you while picking up their language habits is advantageous. More than that language learning app you just installed!

Emotional Stability

Meeting people of the different classes, races and ethnicity teach you to treat people how they deserve to be treated. You will learn to handle situations with diplomacy and be the master of your own emotions rather than it enslaving you. If you don’t have interactions of people with different walks, you’re never going to know how grateful you should actually be right now.

Change in Perspectives

While continuing to engage in conversation you start to learn that the country one resides in is a deciding factor on their perspective. This helps realize the value of being rational and seeing things in another’s perspective. A valuable quality that helps in being tolerant and disengaging unwanted conflict.

Justifying the need to travel

You like their culture, you’ve learned their language but most of all: you’ve spent the greatest time with them online that you want to meet them! Even your reasons to travel and settle in another country differed, the foreign friends you made will be of immense help. From helping you get off your feet to now physically being there with you when you miss home and need company the most!

With all those character developing benefits, having great international friendships proves to bring much inner benefits. Making a friend across borders seemed impossible back in the day, but is now far beyond possible. So if you don’t have any multicultural friends it’s time you met some at ChatKK. We are a growing and dedicated platform, helping you make friends online regardless of their location. There’s no registration involved, it’s secure and easy to use.