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Types of people's relationships

All People in this world are different and yet the same. Different people have different lifestyles, different choices and different ideas. Also people have different relationship situations such as single, married, divorced, separated.

We can group all types of relationships into 3 categories according to the person status

  • Singles - This type of people are single as its meaning, they can have one of these relationships : Single (never married), Divorced or Widowed.
  • Couples - This means that they are not single, and can have one of these relationships : In a relationship (Have a love affair but have not yet led to a marriage), Engaged or Married
  • Intermediate - This means the intermediate between the above two types, and can have one of these relationships : Complicated relationship or Separated

As always we give you many more options to make friends online. So, now you can find people by their relationship status.