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Spot the Difference Images - Hard Level

In this level you will play spot the difference images online with some complex image puzzles which are hard to discover. This level is recommended to experienced players. If you are a beginner, you may Play the Easy level first. Players could play this game on their mobile phone screens, We have tested on iphones and android.

How to Play

There are two images with some differences, you need to spot 4 difference of each sets. Click or tap at the right place on one of images just after you figured out the difference. Images are loaded randomly and a timer is running. Try to spot all differences as fast as you can to get a higher score. You will be notify as a Wrong Attempt when you click or tap a wrong place.

Hit the RELOAD button to get another new image. When you are finished, you will see the CONTINUE button in green color where you can go to next stage. You have to go upto 10 stages to finish the Level.

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