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Twitter contacts for friendship

USA is the country with vast audience that has gathered around Twitter. As per the stat in mid-September 2019 Twitter was in the 32nd place in most visited websites. It is also an American microblogging platform where you can acknowledge news, entertainment, sports and politics. Simply it enables to access and update about the current affairs in the world no matter in which field. There are 330 million monthly active users.

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You are welcome to find Twitter friends on ChatKK. There are more than 20 girls, boys, men and women shared their Twitter contacts on ChatKK.

Below you will see all the users who shared their Twitter links with others. You can get their profile by clicking the View Profile button. If he/she has shared it publicly you will see them in the contact information section, Otherwise you will see it as Shared Privately and you need to sign in to see it.

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    Note : Making friends around the world is wonderful, but be careful
    Please Avoid sharing your personal data with strangers you recognize here. Especially if someone asks you for money or something of other monetary value (ex : gift cards, coupons), then let us know about her/him. We have received complaints about internet fraudsters.

    Twitter history, features and more

    Twitter is another fruitful podium fabricated by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass and Evan Williams. It was initially launched in 2006 July. It became popular because of its signature bird logo. A social networking service where an outspread audience gathered. It is also a stand where community can freely express themselves and tweet.

    The posts share in the Twitter called tweets and they are visible to public by default. This platform has been used for various purposes such as to organize protesters. It can be used as a best podium in the field of education and enhance relationship with community. It helps to gather like-minded individual. Twitter polls, Full size images, Moments , Native videos, Retweeting with comment , Unlimited characters in direct messages, group direct messages, “Changing Favorite” to “Like”, Periscope, Twitter cards are the features that can be seen in the Twitter. Twitter continues to be an innovator in social media hosting its solid position over years.

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