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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a Question & Answers page which is based on the Questions people asked from Chatkk and related answers for them.

How can I start a chat?
There are two ways to chat with people on ChatKK.
  1. Using online chat rooms - You can use our online chat rooms without a registration. But we can not guarantee that there will be people online by the time you get there. Visit our online chat rooms
  2. Sending Direct messages - You can send direct messages to registered users of ChatKK. An active ChatKK account is required to access this feature. If you haven't registered yet, you can easily Sign up now with just a few clicks, and it's completely free forever.
Do I need to register to chat?
No. Registration is not required to use our chat rooms. You may enter to chat rooms as a guest user.
What are the advantages of registered users over non-registered guests?
A registered user has a profile. He/She can update the profile with a picture, contact details and social media links. With a profile you are open to the world and you will make more friends.
Do you have any limitations of your service?
We don't provide limits of usage. But we have some terms & conditions, which you need to agreed.
I lost my account password. What should I do?
Don't worry. You can reset your password here. Enter there your login email address and then you will get a link to reset your password.
How can I contact ChatKK?
You may use our social media pages to contact us.
Do you have paid or premium accounts?
No. All our services are free of charge.
Is there any adult chat rooms?
No. We are a family safe network and kids & teens also use our chat rooms. We do not provide adult chat rooms.
I am a registered ChatKK user, How can I change my Name on the profile.
You cannot change your name on your profile using the dashboard. Send us an email to with the subject Name change request. Please specify your current name and the new name you want to change.
I have chosen the wrong gender by mistake during registration. How can I change gender on the profile?
You cannot change your gender on your profile using the dashboard. Send us an email to with the subject Gender change request. Please specify the reason you want to change your gender. Please Note : This is only acceptable for newly registered users who have chosen the wrong gender by mistake during registration.
My question is not there. what can i do?
Email us your question to OR visit our facebook page and message us. One of our staff member will assist you as soon as possible.