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Terms & Conditions

ChatKK is a family safe community network you to chat & make friends online. We have introduced these Terms & Conditions to keep user's privacy and maintain the quality of our community.

You are not allowed to ask anything related to money from any of the users here. This is a website designed to identify foreign friends, and you are not allowed here to find people for money related transactions for your business or any other purpose. If you have made such a request then your account will be banned and if you have fraudulently obtained money from any person, we will provide your data to the officers for investigation.

ChatKK Profile

You need to be agreed with the terms & conditions below before you sign-in to ChatKK Community.

Your Name

  • Meaningful name - Please add a meaningful name for your account and which is need to be more than 4 characters of length.
  • Not editable - Your name is not editable later in your account because we generate your ChatKK profile link based on your name and it is hard to change your profile link each time you change your name.
  • No sex related keywords - You cannot have sex related adult keywords in your name.

If we detect some sex related keywords in your name, then your ChatKK profile will be deleted from our database even without informing.

Profile Picture

We review all of our user's profile pictures manually before they goes live on their profiles. Please consider the below things when you upload your profile picture.

  • No sex related pictures - You are not allowed to upload pornography, nudity or any kinds of sex related pictures.
  • No low quality, unclear pictures - Please do not upload unclear or low-quality images.
  • Only person images - Your profile picture should represent a person other than objects, animals and arts. However non-real images which represent a person ( like cartoon characters ) are permitted.
  • No text with the picture - Please do not upload edited pictures with some text. You are free to add any description about you in the description field and the profile picture is not for that.
  • No opposite gender pictures - Your profile picture should be related with your gender. You are not allowed to use images with opposite gender and it is considered as an aberration
  • Image dimension & file size - Dimension of your profile picture should be equal or more than 300 pixel of width and 300 pixel of height. File size should be less than 2MB.

If we detect any kinds of violation mentioned above in your uploaded picture, Then it will not be approved to display as your profile picture and it will be deleted even without informing.

Profile Description

We review all of our user's description fields manually each time you update it. Please consider below things when you update your description field.

  • No sex related adult keywords - You cannot have sex related adult keywords in your description.
  • No links & contact details - Please do not add links, email addresses and contact numbers in your description because It's possible to add them in your contact details and description is not for that.
  • Meaningful description - Please add a meaningful description about you using less than 255 characters.

If we detect any kind of violation mentioned above in your description field, then It will not be approved to visible on your profile. And it will be deleted even without informing.

This is a website that provides a free service for you to make friends on the internet and We do not know anyone here personally, So We would like to inform you that we are not responsible for anything between you and the people you meet through this website.

Chat Rooms

All of our registered and non-registered users need to be agreed with the below terms & conditions to use any of our chat rooms.

Nick Name

  • No adult keywords, No HTML tags - Your nick name can be anything other than one of sex related adult keyword or HTML tags.

Maximum allowed character length of your nick name is 8.

Chat Message

Below restrictions are applied when you chat on Public chat rooms.

  • No adult words - You are not permitted to have sex related adult keywords in your chat message.
  • No links - You cannot have links in your chat message.
  • No HTML tags - You are not permitted to have HTML tags in your chat message.

Your Behavior

  • No spam - Please do not spam the room.
  • No advertising - You are not allowed to advertise on our public chat rooms.
  • No arguments, No make problems - Please use our chat rooms as a decent user and do not try to make problems with the people online.

If our admins detect any kinds of violation mentioned above, then you will be kicked out from the room even without informing.

If you do so again and again then your IP address will be added in our blacklist to ban you permanently.

Private conversations

You are allowed to start only 5 new conversations a day. This limit does not apply to conversations that have already started.

However, If you have already started 5 new conversations and you want to send a private message to another user anyway. You can delete a conversation that started today and start a new one instead.